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Our sourcing abilities and technical and market expertise result in real savings of both time and money for customers. Our market expertise helps our suppliers reach additional customers and markets in an easy and efficient way. Many customers and suppliers comment on how easy it is to do business with Everchem. As a member of the essential chemical distribution industry, Everchem will remain open for business during the current COVID shutdown in Pennsylvania. While we have contingencies in place to allow employees to work from home and follow social distancing guidelines, our office is still open and we will continue to accept orders and supply our customers with our usual high level of service.

Our warehouses are operating normally.

ddbsa sds

Please contact us for more information at info everchem. Thank you for your continued support. Web Design by Media Proper. About Everchem Our sourcing abilities and technical and market expertise result in real savings of both time and money for customers. Every phone call gets answered. Last minute changes and shipments are possible. We are proactive and flexible. Short turnaround times and real follow-up if issues arise. Urethane Raw Materials. Industrial Chemicals.

Industrial Specialties. Ready to Learn More? X As a member of the essential chemical distribution industry, Everchem will remain open for business during the current COVID shutdown in Pennsylvania.Your new online MSDS binder is a place for you to store the material safety data sheets you need to deploy.

Other companies are charging thousands of dollars to set up accounts and give you access to their msds online database. Our MSDS database is an easy to use, do it yourself tool, and best of all We've included the most sought after safety data sheets, and the database just keeps growing.

As a registered user in our community, you can add any of the records we've included in our database to your online digital binder and even upload any MSDS sheets you might already have to create your own custom msds database that you can share with your employees or customers. Your employees, customers and shipping agents can view, print, or download any of the MSDS sheets included in your online MSDS binder using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Register now and make msds management and deployment easy with MsdsDigital. Return to home to find another material safety data sheet. Skip to main content. Register now and get a free online MSDS binder. Visitors don't have to sign in or register to see your list of safety data sheets.

Is your state and local government doing enough to curve Coronavirus? Choices No, they should do more.


Yes, they are doing enough. They are doing too much, it's overkill.Perfect for oil field down hole drilling applications. Log in or register now to request samples, receive a quote or download technical and safety data sheets. Specially designed olefin sulfonate for improved low temperature stability and handling properties with increased detergency. High active, high purity flake used for dry and wet compounding of all-purpose cleaners, heavy-duty laundry powders, scouring pads.

ddbsa sds

Clear homogeneous liquid for compounding liquid dishwashing products, all-purpose cleaners and hard surface cleaners and foamers. Formulated without hydrotope, used in all-purpose cleaners, liquid dishwashing formulas and rug shampoos. Used in all-purpose cleaners, liquid dishwashing formulas and rug shampoos. High active acid for neutralization to high purity sulfonates which are used in cleaning, stripping, wetting and foaming applications.

CFR 21 and 40 approved. Great solublizer with excellent wetting characteristics. CFR 21 approved. Sulfonate flake, designed for lower solubility than the F Especially suited for toilet block.

Used in liquid detergents, wool wash formulations, and shampoos for oily hair where mildness and high purity are needed. Need a quote?Uses include adhesive and textile compounding, paint formulation, detergent and cleaning compositions, construction compounding, latex compounding, pigment mining, particulate suspension. Emulsifier - Primary, used for skin-care products,hair care products, cosmetics, crop protection, oil in water emulsions.

Blend of Mono-and Diglycerides and Polysorbate 80; suggested applications: ice cream, ice milk, frozen desserts. It can be used as an emulsifier in food and personal care applications. It is suggested for use in frozen desserts such as ice cream, ice milk, frozen custard, sort-serve and other specialty frozen products.

Wetting Agent, Dispersant, Cleaning Agent. It is used as an emulsifier, detergent, solubilizer, wetting agent, and degreaser. A clean label mold inhibitor for use in production of all types of baking applications where a clean label legend is desired.

It is recommend for use as an oxidizer. Typical applications include all purpose cleaners and degreasers, deck and roof wash, carpet and laudry spotters, kitchen and bath cleaners, cement floor cleaners, and trasportation care products.

It is recommended for use as an oxidizer. Phosphated Amine Oxide Anionic ; recommended for use as a surfactant. Typical applications include industrial cleaners and degreasers, food plant cleaners, deck and roof washes, dye blend equipment cleaners, car and truck washes. Industrial uses: uses of substances as such or in preparations at industrial sites; use of the substance in laboratory chemical. Recommended uses: Antiperspirant, baby products, body wash, cleansing products, conditioners, cosmetics, crop protection, deodorants, eyeliners, facial cleansers, hand doap- liquid, makeup bases, oil in water emulsulsion, opacifier, shampoo, shower gel, skin care products, sun tan lotion.

Solvent for flavoring agent, also used in personal care products Tags: Butylene Glycol. Superfoods Tags: Euterpe Oleracea. A trisiloxane ethoxylate with low surface tension making it an ideal wetting agent.

SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for House Cleaners & Cleaning Chemicals

Tags: Silicone Glycol Surfactant. Flavour enhancer, sweetener Tags: Methyl Aspartyl Phenylalanate. Natural Oils Tags: Persea Gratissima. Tags: Cultured Wheat Flour. Tags: Hydrogen Peroxide. Tags: Potassium Bishydroxyethyl Cocoamine Phosphate.

ddbsa sds

Superfoods Tags: Theobrama Cocao cocoa.Our new, self-paced hazardous material training courses are designed to help you meet U. DOT shipping regulations. CHEMTREC registration provides fast, round the clock response and access to our team of specialists using a hour emergency phone number. Plus consistent, accurate incident reports to help you spot opportunities for improvement.

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Department of Transportation. When a chemical spill occurs, where do you turn for the leading hazmat response information? Whether it be a pesticide exposure, paint spill, or lithium battery malfunction, our 24 hour emergency call center is the first step of hazmat emergency response during any hazardous materials incident.

If you need to contact Customer Service please email chemtrec chemtrec. For sales inquiries, email sales chemtrec. Emergency Responders Carriers. You've got our number. We've got your back.

Learn More. More than just an Emergency Call Center. Hazardous Materials Incidents Emergency Hazmat Incident Response Company When a chemical spill occurs, where do you turn for the leading hazmat response information? Who you turn to during a chemical spill emergency makes all the difference. DOT and international regulations for shipping hazardous materials emergency response services specialists. Begin Registration.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.One of the leading players in the world of surfactants and specialty care ingredients, exclusively focussed on catering to the Home and Personal Care Industry.

Customer centric solutions that blend innovation, formulation expertise, experience and our patented technologies to deliver to you high quality ingredients that enhance the performance, functionality and quality of your products.

Sustainable solutions designed to power your brands and make you — the customer win! With these principles in mind, Galaxy has been one of the pioneers in the Indian Chemical Industry when it comes to Water Management both within as well as outside its premises.

Change Password. Talent Engagement Current Openings contact us. Company at a glance. MD's Corner. Managing Director Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. Explore Now. Hair Care. Solutions for the crown you never take off! Oral Care. Solutions for your everlasting smile. Skin Care. Sun Care. Baby Care. Home Care. Solutions for your Home where the heart is! I was encouraged to learn on-the-go and apply myself quickly. Responsibilities were given early with the encouragement needed. The culture at Galaxy helped work with and build Teams of exceptional integrity, quality and professionalism.

Seshu Head Conversion Joined in Ganesh Kamath, Executive Director Finance. A Way Of Life. Proactive Efforts. Responsible Actions. The activities. Water Stewardship. Galaxy Surfactants consolidated net profit rises Select shares were in spotlight after MSCI rejig.

The agile business seizes the future.CAS No. Linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid is the largest-volume synthetic surfactant because of its relatively low cost, good performance, the fact that it can be dried to a stable powder and the biodegradable environmental friendliness as it has straight chain.

LABSA is an anionic surfactants with molecules characterized by a hydrophobic and a hydrophilic group. They are nonvolatile compounds produced by sulfonation. LABSA are complex mixtures of homologues of different alkyl chain lengths C10 to C13 or C14 and phenyl positional isomers of 2 to 5-phenyl in proportions dictated by the starting materials and reaction conditions, each containing an aromatic ring sulfonated at the para position and attached to a linear alkyl chain at any position with the exception of terminal one 1-phenyl.


The properties of LABSA differ in physical and chemical properties according to the alkyl chain length, resulting in formulations for various applications. The starting material LAB linear alkylbenzene is produced by the alkylation of benzene with n-paraffins in the presence of hydrogen fluoride HF or aluminium chloride AlCl3 as a catalyst.

Other sulfonation alternative reagents are sulfuric acid, diluted sulfur trioxide, chlorosulfonic acid and sulfamic acid on falling film reactors.

LABSA are then neutralized to the desired salt sodium, ammonium, calcium, potassium, and triethanolamine salts. Surfactants are widely used in the industry needed to improve contact between polar and non-polar media such as between oil and water or between water and minerals. Linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid is mainly used to produce household detergents including laundry powders, laundry liquids, dishwashing liquids and other household cleaners as well as in numerous industrial applications like as a coupling agent and as an emulsifier for agricultural herbicides and in emulsion polymerization.

Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonic Acid can be neutralized with caustic soda NaOH to form sodium alkylbenzene sulphonate-an extensively applied anionic surfactant. LABSA is not inflammable substance and can dissolve in water, but not in organic solvent. Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonic Acid is extensively applied anionic surfactant.

It is raw material for detergent industry characterized by detergency, foam, moisture, and emulsion and dispersing. Relevant Water Treatment Chemicals.

ddbsa sds

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