Saturn ritual

In the Western occult tradition, each planet is associated with certain qualities that an occultist might wish to attract. There is also a long series of correspondences for each planet: symbols, materials and objects that are associated with the particular planet and can help to channel planetary influence. Here are some common correspondences for Saturn, as recorded by Henry Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophywhose works are commonly referenced and reproduced.

Imbolc Ritual to Saturn

Beneficial Influences: To bring forth, to make a man safe, to make a man powerful, to cause success of petitions with princes and powers. Marsilio Ficino and others also associated Saturn with intellectuals, whose minds are more lofty and divine than those of common folk. This is because Saturn is the highest planet in occult cosmology and therefore closest to God.

Baleful Influences: Hinders building and plantings i. Saturn was traditionally held as an unfortunate planet and strongly associated with melancholy.

Ficino insisted that Saturn remained hostile to non-intellectuals. Ficino certainly included himself among the ranks of intellectuals, and also happened to be born under the influence of Saturn.

Metal: Lead. Despite occupying the highest of the planetary spheres, Saturn, like the Moon, is considered distant from the Sun which sits between Venus and Mars and thus are the coldest planets in the system.

As such, the lofty Saturn is associated heavy, material lead. Share Flipboard Email. Catherine Beyer. Wicca Expert. Updated March 06, Read more: Overview of Planetary Occult Correspondences. Intelligence of Saturn: Agiel. Spirit of Saturn: Zazel. Numbers: 3, 9, 15 and Shani is one of the navagrahas or 9 planets.

Saturn is said to teach one to be more responsible and disciplined. This movement brings about major effects in the life of individual. Every person has to go through at least some phases in life under the influence of Saturn.

If the phase is thoughtfully taken as a learning period, it gives ample of life long advantage. It can be for Good or bad depending on the phase of life a person is in. A well placed Saturn gives patience, keen observation and ability to work hard. A bad Saturn, on the other hand, makes a person depressed, an escapist, lazy, quarrelsome, sorrowful, irresponsible creature, with tendencies towards drug abuse, and alcohol.

Saturn rules bones, teeth, knees and Ears. All long and lingering diseases like gout, rheumatism, cancer and leprosy come under his portfolio. Saturn is also the Karak planet for coal, iron, brinjals, black or blue clothes, Udat dal, black grapes and jamun.

It is considered to be a Karak planet for almost all blue coloured things. The effect of the Saturn transit through each of the houses as counted from the Moon-sign at birth is as follows:.

Lord Saturn can represent death and the destroyer of all the things that we hold dear to us. Saturn will take away the dearest one from our life without notice, can turn the king into a pauper within a moment. For getting all those divine, one have to perform Lord Saturn pooja.

After performing this Pooja one will be blessed with a child, wealth, property, gain, and prosperity. The effect of the Saturn transit through each of the houses as counted from the Moon-sign at birth is as follows: Great distress and destruction Sorrow, loss of wealth Happiness, gain of money Apprehension of trouble, physical and mental ailments, fear Loss of wealth, distress to sons or children Happiness, gain of money Infirmities, physical sickness or mental ailments Increase of enemies or added onslaught by enemies, illness or distress Indulgence in sinful actions, loss of wealth, retarded income Increase of enmity Gain of money, happiness Trouble all round, upsetting of status quo- a very unfavorable time Lord Saturn can represent death and the destroyer of all the things that we hold dear to us.

All rights reserved. Website Developed by.Like i said of fb, Splendid! About the sigil of the angel: can't we use the specific sigils for the planetary angels from Agrippa? Or were they meant to be used when working with the powers of the sphere, instead of the path? And for the path we should create the specific sigil using the corresponding planetary kamea. Now that you mention RO, i've seen articles of his in which he detailed certain rituals.

In those rituals he used the Agrippa's sigils for the planetary angels to call upon the archangels - in this case using Cassiel's sigil to call upon Tzaphkiel. I used Sachiel's sigil to call upon Tzadkiel in my own Jupiter workings and it worked for me.

Sure, you could do that too. One of the things that I am trying to do with this series is put together a consistent methodology across the full traditional symbol set - elements, planets, and signs. But that does not mean the methods I propose here are the only way to do it, or the "right" way. Spirits can be linked to more than one sigil and can be conjured using various different methods. There is some overlap between the sphere and path angels, but I am not sure whether they are different aspects of the same entity, or separate entities with closely related attributions.

Either way, you can get to the path by accessing the sphere and vice-versa, but in my experience going directly for the one you want works a little better. My bottom line is that if it works, it works. So try some of these different methods out and see for yourself which one works the best.

saturn ritual

Your results may differ from mine, since there's a lot of individual variation in magical operations. The way i see it, each sephira or sphere is its own world and the planet ruling it represents only a part of it. As a comparison, the sphere is like a country with its history, traditions, habits and so on, and the ruling planet represents the state governing that country, with its laws, law enforcement, and all the other branches of a government.

This could be why there's a general misunderstanding between the uses of Raphael and Michael with the Sun and Mercury. As i see it, Raphael is the archangel of Tiphareth, but the angel of the Sun is Michael. Likewise, Raphael is the angel of Hod, but the archangel is Michael. They could represent different entities or different sides of the same entity, just like with Carmara and Blumaza, but like you said, the angel is clever enough to know what you want and lets you get the appropriate entity for that specific work.

That being said, it makes sense to produce the planetary angels' sigils from the specific kamea, in order to pinpoint the exact entity you're willing to work with for that purpose. I think with Raphael and Michael you are dealing with separate entities, based on my interactions with them. Their attributions for Mercury and Sun just switch depending on whether you are working path or sphere. If you keep that distinction in mind, there's no confusion at all - which is one of the advantages of using it.

I suppose that observation would support the idea that Tzaphkiel and Cassiel are likewise separate entities, rather than a single entity with two aspects - if we are assuming that on the spiritual level, everything is logical and orderly. We need our systems to be logical and orderly to do magick effectively, but that doesn't mean the underlying reality is necessarily as neat or sensible. You might be right. I'm also thinking there could be an archangel Raphael governing Tiphareth and a different angel also named Raphael being the angel of Mercury - the geomantic angel from And with Michael it would be the same - archangel of Hod and a different angel of the Sun.

That does not line up with my experience. As far as my interactions with them have gone, Raphael is Raphael and Michael is Michael. It just seems that they have different aspects depending on the context.The Zodiac as we have known it will be altered due to these magnetic changes, and the astrology influence or mental imprints will change, alter or amplify, depending on the level of awareness and interaction with those cosmic and magnetic influences.

This means that our magnetic imprint received from the zodiacal constellation alignments at birth will cease to have the same influence upon our body, our personality, our mind and will impact many other factors. Conversely those whom are under the severe mind controlled influence of the zodiac archetypes used by the NAA machinery may accelerate those influences into distorted behaviors.

Activities to distort and pervert the lower dimensions and propagate the 4D astral delusions along with the 5D false ascension programs. Most of the false ascended masters using the 5D false ascension program through Orion Group are actually transmitted through Saturn.

Additionally, it was confirmed all forms of blood cult worship were designed through Orion Groups by using Saturnian worship interchangeably for propagating Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA and Blood Sacrifice on earth. These distortions and their disadvantages remain heavily prevalent with those humans who may have heavy Saturn influences in their zodiacal birth chart. So for spiritual clearing purposes of curses, hexes, blood covenant or blood cult historysee Black Magic one may need to review Saturn influences for removal of Satanic types of bondage made in agreements to serve the Orion Group.

Additionally, it has been recently observed that the Solar System Stargate 7, located inside the planet Saturn was also transmitting artificial intelligence beams through the Moon that corrupted the ultra-violet wave spectrum in our planetary Magnetosphere.

The impact of several technologies used from this Archon base, seem to have been recently neutralized in some of their effects. Like 7D reversal technologies that allowed for having operable Hibernation Zonesused in phantom areas as ambush pockets, to get into the earth field quickly though parallel doorways.

Powerful Ritual for Saturn & Ketu Conjunction

The parallel doorways appear to lead directly into Lake Titicaca underground water base, which have been closed off and secured. Many underground bases scattered throughout the earth are in some kind of spiritual or material conflict for control and security. Correction of this particular AI distortion appears to help people on the earth, to potentially align with higher frequencies and to have a better functioning Crown Chakraor 7D energy center. The moon transmissions have been especially difficult on the human mental body and the ability to actually have a brain and nervous system that actually functions well.

The anticipation is for an easier clearing out of Glandular System ImplantsPineal Cages and related Crucifixion Implantsthat can be more easily dissolved from the lunar distortion impact as a result. For those on the ascension path, this will gradually lead to clearer thinking, higher functioning glands and the ability to build the Perceptual Bridge that accesses the functioning of the Higher Mind.

Saturn is referred to as Black Star in ancient Judaic beliefs. The Yahweh Matrix is system is connected into a Black Cube Matrix held through Saturnthat is siphoning life force from our Universal Time Matrix and routing it back into their black hole system. This makes it obvious why Saturn has been long associated with an assortment of blood worshipping cults.

These reversal plasmas are designed to ignite and feed the Demon Seed that exists in the shadow selves or negative forms of the masses. Additionally, this alien construct was used to impale the Crucifixion Implants on the vertical axiatonal lines in the planetary body, which also devastated the vertical channel alignment of the Planetary Staff.

Satanism is based on the manipulation of energy and consciousness through Mind Controldeception and is many times ritual based SRA. These deeply sick rituals such as Blood Sacrifice in war and killing create an energy field, a Vibrational frequency, which connects the consciousness of the participants to the NAA group i. The Archons on the Saturn base transmit AI that contain Satanic belief systems to propagate these distortions on the earth. This dimensional field, also known as the lower astral to many people, which resonates to the frequency of low vibrational emotions like fear, guilt, shame, hatred and so on.

These are some of the 'demons' which these rituals have been designed to summon and feed since the NAA invasion occurred. Enoch in his Gospel suggests that this Kingdom of Ruling Aryans, proud, arrogant and cruel were stockpiling weapons of immense sophistication and power for conflagration - the Satans forces - or Saturnians as referred to in the Ethiopic Book of Enoch were fomenting rebellion and conflagration.

Amongst them, the subterranean necromancers who created abominable things led by the group of Fallen Angelics such as AzazaelSamael. See Watchers. The War between the False Gods of Eden and the Powers lasted thirteen years it is said, and Greek myth shows Athene dragging off the shape changing giants.

The Titans i. Nephilim were defeated finally when two great meteorites struck the Atlantean kingdom of Thule, reversing climate and ocean and the continental plates. That place now known as Scotland, the epicenter Scotlands western isles at Staffa - near to where the evil capital was said to be. The leader of the Satans was imprisoned underground, though the evil machinations of the dark Cabiri sorcerers that practiced later in Denmark and founded the very early practices of masonry with which Solomon and David would become familiar - may yet to this day plan their revenge on the offspring of that very first interracial marriage.

The Reversal Father is the anti-life male collective consciousness of the Luciferianswhose accumulated collective consciousness is harvested by the NAA to gain energetic power from the earth grid and from humanity, by hijacking and raping the male and Father principle energies. The interdimensional alien Annunaki Gods, Enki, Enlil, Thoth, and Yahweh and Jehovah from Saturnhave primarily used the Reversal Father principle of Luciferianism to establish the world religions on the earth, using patriarchal domination rhetoric to serve the false lightand the Bi-Wave Consciousnessso they could gain full control over humans and exert themselves as the Gods.

Thus, Judaism's Kabbalah and the Artificial Tree of Life is based on the inverted teachings intentionally given by the Thothian groups to generate reversals in the knowledge given in the original Founder Records, and this is overseen and administered by the Yahweh Collective located on Saturn.Saturn is perhaps the best known and recognized astronomical object by picture.

Saturn is a gas world made mostly of hydrogen, with helium, ammonia, and methane gases as well. It is the sixth planet from the Sun. Chronos, the Greek name for Saturn, is the father of time. In legend, after death the soul is weighed on scales made from lead, Saturn's ruling metal, Lead is associated with the serious nature of Saturn; it also inherits the heaviness of this element.

Saturn's ruling astrological house is Capricorn, acquiring the tenacity and persistent nature of this star sign. In daily correspondences, Saturn rules Saturday.

In magical workings and rituals, the ruling aspects of the planet Saturn are working on the astral plane, banks, binding, buildings, death, debts, discipline, history, institutions, karmic debts, knowledge, limitations, longevity, magical knowledge, obstacles, real estate, sacred wisdom, structures and time. Saturn in its negative aspect is the cause of oppression, pain, discord and quarrelsome. The table of Saturn is a three square, containing 9 numbers each adding in any direction, to 15 with its sum being The Next Sabbat is: Beltane in 18 days.

Solve et Coagula by Annwfyn. The Hinterlands by Annwfyn. One foot out by Annwfyn. One foot in by Annwfyn. Further down the spiral by Annwfyn. The first sign of the zodiac is Aries. In the esoteric tradition Aries represents the fire of the spirit. What is a Goddess? What is Wicca?

saturn ritual

Saturn The Planets: Saturn Saturn is perhaps the best known and recognized astronomical object by picture. Social Stuff. Enter your email to subscribe to the TWG Newsletter. Latest Blog Entries Dec Oct Sep Jul Apr 8. Widget Box Site Statistics. A Masculine, Cardinal Fire Sign. Polls What's Your Favourite Season?Mercury retrograde is probably the most common, especially to mock for its perhaps overblown infamy in pop culture, but there are many other motions people take note of.

Saturn Homam ( Fire Ritual)

Saturn takes just under 2. To prepare for my own, I erected and worked a personal shrine to Saturn, and wrote a post about it back last year as Saturn came up on its own position in my own natal chart in late Sagittarius. On the underside of the Platform, I also inscribed the three-by-three planetary square of Saturn surrounded by the Tetragrammaton, the divine name of the Saturnine sephirah Binah; nothing special, but since the piece of wood I used for the Platform has a plate-like recess on the underside, I also use it to cover the old lead Saturn talisman I made back infurther deploying even more power to the altarpiece as a sort of celestial foundation.

The use of this Platform is to act as a base for setting lights and lamps to the planets: six small candles for the non-Saturn planets, and a larger candle or, in my case, oil lamp for Saturn. In the minutes leading up to an hour of Saturn on a day of Saturn, arrange the six smaller lights in a hexagram around the large central lamp, putting each candle on top of its particular planetary glyph following the pattern of the Platform of Saturn.

Get your incense ready, and once you make sure your offering glasses are clean, fill one with water and the other with a few spoonfuls of the dry offering mixture. Fill the lamp with the oil. Alternatively, instead of using a lamp, you could use a large candle, either white if the other smaller candles are white, or jet black.

Set the incense to the right of the candles, and the water with dry offering to the left of the candles, either in a horizontal line or an equilateral triangle. At the start of the hour of Saturn, begin the preliminary invocation to the other six planets.

Light each candle in turn according to the design of the Platform:. If desired, energetically link the six smaller lights to the central lamp of Saturn at this point, so that all the lights are dependent upon and reflect the ultimate light of Saturn. Light the myrrh incense and the lamp of Saturn. Invoke the planetary presence of Saturn according to a prayer of your choosing; for this, you might use the Orphic Hymn of Saturnor an invocation from a grimoire such as the Heptameronthe Hygromanteia, or the Picatrix as I used in my Saturn talisman creation.

Recite this prayer at least once, preferably three times. Grant as this light shines upon this place, so too, Lord Saturn, shine your light upon us, gently and kindly enlightening us, illuminating our paths, and keeping us safe from all harm! Grant as this incense rises up and fills up this place with its sweet heavenly smoke, so too, Lord Saturn, fill our spheres, souls, and spirits with your blessing, essence, divinity, and presence!

Grant as this water is poured out for your refreshment and enjoyment, so too pour over us your blessing, cleansing us from all pollution, cleansing our ways of all obstacles, cleansing our senses from all obstructions, and cleansing our hearts from all wickedness!

Grant as this grain and salt are set out for your nourishment and satisfaction, so too strengthen us inwardly and outwardly, in our bodies, souls, spirits, and minds, and protect us from all harm while giving us space to grow without undue burden! At this point, continue the worship and exaltation of Saturn however you choose. This is the point where I would first begin a chant for Saturn using a set of prayer beads; in my case, I chanted the Sanskrit mantra for the planet of Saturn times on a mala made from black volcanic rock soaked in a magical Saturn oil.

Such chants, if desired, could be any of the following:. After chanting an appropriate number of times 33, 81,etc. At the end of the planetary hour, put out the lamp of Saturn, and let the other candles burn out on their own.

Once the hour is over, be sure to clean off physically and spiritually, or do some light solar work to balance out and brighten your personal sphere so as to not get too burdened with the heavy weight of Saturn. Compared to the Western tradition of planetary invocations, Hinduism has a rich body of prayers, chants, and texts to appreciate. Veneration and worship of the planets as gods in their own rights is alive and well in Hinduism, and many temples have a section just for the Navagrahathe nine planetary gods seven planets, plus the North Node and South Node as planets of their own.

There are plenty of ways to make offerings in the Hindu system, which is where I got the inspiration for some of the dry offerings and the use of sesame oil. O god of night-blue skin dressed in night-blue silk, who wears a crown, who rides the vulture, who gives misfortunes, who wields the bow, who has four hands and is the son of the Sun, be pleased with me always and happily grant me your blessing!

saturn ritual

Let the son of the Sun protect my head!Once every This happens around ages 27, 57, and 87 and lasts for two and a half to three years. Exciting, right? The planet Saturn—the planet that rules Capricorn —governs over law, order, time, and structure. It encompasses all the stable things in our lives. So in terms of what it can affect, Saturn can cause incredible upheaval in many areas of your life from work to relationships to family.

So as you enter a Saturn return, the experience is both deeply painful and beautifully empowering. The lessons you learn during a return are designed to protect you by keeping you on your karmic path. So to make the most of every return, follow these steps, and Saturn will reward you for your hard work.

Slow down and reflect. Are you where you want to be? Are you with the person you want to be with? Are you spending your days how you want to spend your days? Saturn can leave you feeling like you have nothing left to give. It can also isolate you from your relationships and support system. When you feel lost, depressed, and helpless, go find the people who can help you.

Go to healers. Go to counseling. Go get a massage. Saturn hits you on every level—both psychological and physical. You are not invincible. Take care of your body with a nourishing diet. Keep your body moving with whatever activity excites you. Monitor your health carefully, and check in with your health care providers at the recommended intervals.

If a health scare happens — breathe. It is all part of the growth Saturn is pushing. Reach out to your support system, and remember, stress can make the heart stronger if you let it. So stay open and let yourself fall into the unknown and into a stronger, more powerful version of yourself. During your return, you can keep yourself on track by practicing this Saturn return ritual once every three months.

Turn off all your electronics and find a quiet, clean space where you can be alone. Place your intention piece jewelry or crystal next to your orange candle. Settle into position and close your eyes.

Then place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your stomach. Take three, deep, slow breaths.


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