Where is otg in settings

We have broken down these reasons below: 1. We often prefer to swap our month-old smartphones for the latest offering but do not pay attention to our ageing accessories. The older generations of USB devices are slower and comparatively, more resource hungry. Plus, they need a substantial amount of power and voltage to aid transfer of data. So, the ports in smartphones give out lesser power to slave devices, limited by their manufacturer. They can adjust to varying levels of power input from USB ports of the host devices.

USB OTG drives from renowned makers might be a tad bit expensive but chances are, they will work a lot better with your device. You can find many capable file managers on the Play Store, each with its own advantages. Therefore, ironing out its issues will help you get the best out of your Android device.

However, we recommend you to always upgrade to the latest technology every year. We know that it might be heavy on your wallet but newer gadgets and accessories always deliver a better experience. If you have any other issue related to the USB OTG functionality or have better solutions to the above-mentioned problems, you can share your thoughts in the comments section below. Cases but no solution. Please help to resolve this problem.


Hii, i have a Nokia 6. I tried to connect my Ext HDD or any other Usb, the mobile always asks me to format the devices connected. Why is this happening?

where is otg in settings

It was not solved my case. I have Umidig Z Pro, runing Android 7. Could you advise me how to do and solve this problem? Thank you very much for your help. My infinix hot supported otg but when I plug in my USB it usually tell me otg functions not supported please what should I do.

I used Sony Experia X for almost 2 year. Also with Sandisk OTG 64gb. What should I do? Any idea? In my tablet sumsung 8. I have Xiaomi Mi A1 phone ,I have faced the otg connection problem after update the Android with stable update, So ,how to resolve my problem.Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

And want to connect otg cable to any android device? NoOTG support was first used in and since then many companies are using this feature in their android smartphones.

In many smartphones you can also add otg support in kernel but it is a bit of very complicated procedure to make kernel support otg. So in this guide of How to enable otg support for android mobiles we will tell you different ways which are easy. Now you have to Check if your smartphone supports OTG or not. First of all Download Es File explorer from Playstore.

Now connect the USB otg cable with the device attached you want to connect to android. Now Open Es file explorer. As soon as you tap on Yes the es file explorer will show you usb Storage folder. Just open the folder and you will get all files and folder. Thats all!!! Use Otg in any android mobile with root. After opening you have to connect your OTG cable and the device will enable otg support in rooted mobile.

I hope this guide Helped you.If you are a media lover then your Galaxy Smartphone should have this feature so that you can enjoy unlimited videos and music from any external storage device or can transfer any files from it to your phone. Name required.

You May Also Like. Lisa Thomas Chatrine What about an Galaxy XCover 3? Does it support OTG? Mark Severns Does this model support the OTG mode? Prakash Yes it supports OTG. Make sure that your phone's bootloader is not locked. K Jagannath I have samsungA30 Previously worked otg. Liel Vincent But I've tried it several times it doesn't work at all, any idea how to make it work?

Tinyiko Yes it can. DAVID Any idea?

How to Verify that Your Phone Really Supports USB OTG

Please go to myfiles and check. For some phones the popup will not be there. Christian TechLila Mobile Android. There are a few words that became popular after Android became what it is today! Often spoken as just OTG, it is actually a standard — a standard that is used by mobile devices to talk to interact in-between.

Through the use of USB OTG, one mobile device will be able to be connected to another mobile device; for instance, your Smartphone can be connected to a USB pen drive, for accessing stored data. That is, by setting your Android Smartphone as the master device, you shall make use of additional hardware such as one keyboard or data storage.

What we said above is purely technical, which might not appeal to most of you! The list of supported hardware does include data storage, external keyboard, mice, etc. Well, the best option is to ask Google or check the specifications of the device you have. You like to, for instance, back up all the photos you have captured to a secured device.

Fix: How to Enable OTG Support on an Android Phone

If the device supports OTG, it is possible for you to just connect a pen drive — or an external HDD, for that matter — and transfer all those content to the drive. Of course, having a compact pen drive is way too better than stuffing your device with GBs of data. This storage can be used for installing applications as well.

where is otg in settings

As we said earlier, you will be able to connect external accessories such as keyboards and mice! In our cases, even wireless keyboards work well. Once connected to the Smartphone or tablet PC, you can use the fully-fledged keyboard for inputting data.

where is otg in settings

Similarly, mice can be used instead of touch input — you can move the cursor and click on what is needed. This capability is more useful in tablet PCs, we suppose. Along with keyboards and mice, several other devices can also be connected, such as MIDI keyboards. These cables will be available both in the electronic stores and online shopping sites. However, while buying you have to take care of some factors such as the length of a cable.

There are even some snug-fit adaptors, which can be used for connecting the USB device instantly. These pen drives have two sides. You have to connect it to the micro USB port. In a few seconds, the storage will be mounted and the content will be available in your device. We hope you now have a clear idea about what is OTG and we are also sure that you have learned how to use OTG to connect to your smartphone. If so, what do you use it for?

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Category Android. Tags Tech Tips. Was looking for the exact same thing, thank you so much for this post!As it turns out, quite a lot. Here is a handful of the coolest features that an OTG adapter makes possible. Sure, you can grab yourself a Bluetooth controller, but if you have a wired controller sitting around, then your OTG connector could save you a little bit of cash.

Just plug that controller into your OTG adapter and into your phone, and you can play some of the best mobile games using a controller. Just attach your connector to the USB-C plug at the bottom-right of the headset, and plug your controller in. So make sure you keep an eye on your battery level during your gaming sessions. Running out of memory is never fun. Now you can start transferring files.

Once connected, tap the Android System notification and make sure Charge connected device is selected. However, be aware that some larger devices like tablets will not be able to charge with the low power charge coming from your device. By using a hub you can connect multiple USB devices at the same time, and give yourself a handier and faster way of typing.

What is the point in having a bulky setup of microphones and laptops when all you really need is your phone, your trusty OTG connector, and a USB microphone?

Instead of compromising or spending large amounts of money on a voice recorder, try using your phone with an external microphone. Then, pull down your notification shade, and hit the Android System notification. You can see your subject in real time, adjust the focus of your shot, view and change settings like the ISO, white balance, aperture, and even view your gallery of taken shots.

There is a free version of the app that functions as just a remote release, so you can test compatibility with your camera.

How to file your tax return online 22 hours ago. The best speakers for 1 day ago. The best streaming devices for 1 day ago. The best smart speakers for 3 days ago.Compared to Apple's products like the iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets are very flexible devices. For instance, you can set a new home screenreplace the lock screenor even beam files using NFC —but that's just the software side of things, and the flexibility goes well beyond that.

Almost anything that uses a USB connector can be plugged into your Android device with USB OTG, at which point you would be able to control the second device using your smartphone, or vice versa. Some good example uses for USB OTG include plugging a flash drive into your phone for extra storage, connecting your phone to a DSLR camera to serve as a viewfinder or shutter button, or simply plugging a mouse or keyboard into your tablet to get a desktop-like experience.

These are available for less than 10 bucks, and they basically have one smaller end that plugs into your phone, with a larger end that you plug the second device into. From here, it will check your device for compatibility, and when it's done, you'll see a message saying "Your mobile supports OTG" if everything is in working order.

There are two main types of OTG cables, one is powered and one is not. If you'd like to be able to charge your phone while another device is connected to it, you'll need an externally-powered USB OTG cable. This is basically a splitter that connects to three things at the same time: Your Android device, the external device, and a power cable.

How to Enable OTG Support on Any Android Smartphone .

If you're connecting a device that needs power to function for instance, a Teensy programmable circuit boardexternally-powered is the way to go. Here are some of the best options on Amazon.

Let us know in the comment section below. Want to help support Gadget Hacks and get a great deal on some sweet new tech? Check out all the deals on the new Gadget Hacks Shop.

where is otg in settings

Very informative and comprehensive. The inquiry performed by the OTG Tester app, in most cases, is whether the feature is enabled or not. If your device does not have OTG USB support enabled, and if you have root access of your device, you can edit your build. Add this line to your build. Now reboot and hook up your OTG device. If the build. Sign Up. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest.Many Android phones use micro USB ports for charging and transferring files back and forth with your PC, but what if the files you need to email your boss are sitting on a Flash drive or a full-size SD card?

Fortunately, with an inexpensive adapter cable, you can attach a USB key or card reader directly to your handset. Here's how to connect your Android phone to a USB storage device. If that's the case with your device, you have it easy. An adapter will let you use your current flash drives.

A USB Type-C flash drive, like this onewill fit directly into the phone without any dongles required. Then you just open your file manager and you're good to go. Swipe down from the top to show the notification drawer.

No need to do this if your file manager automatically appears. You can now browse the files on the flash drive and copy them to the phone storage. If you want to copy from the phone storage to the flash drive, follow steps 5 to 9. Tom's Guide. Topics Android. See all comments 1. I have a samsung tab E and when i connect a pendrive to a OTG cable and then coneect it to the tab nothing appearing.


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